Ismart bucket is a division of Lee Fisher International which has been serving commercial fishing, sports fishing, marine and sports net customers since 1982 with high quality products. Our products are the most reasonably priced across the USA as well as worldwide.
In 2020 ISMART BUCKET was invented and patented in USA. I-SMART BUCET has an innovative design for improving bucket functionality, efficiency and convenience. 
I-SMART BUCKET has a stylish rope handle, two side plastic handles and a deep bottom lip. The product will not rust and the two side handles provide stability and help the user avoid spills while carry heavy items and liquid. The bottom lip also helps to discharge your desired quantity more easily.
ISMART BUCKET and other bucket related products use high quality, food safe compliant material for multiple usage, storing and transporting solids, liquid, food, gardening, fishing, cleaning, washing and more for your home, business or industrial needs.
Lee Fisher International has been in business since 1982 and has a high reputation for quality products, customer service and excellent prices. We invite you to browse our site and enjoy our products.